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Book repair service

One of the questions I have been asked the most on Internet is " How much it is to restore a book? "

This would be a difficult question when your book is not in front of me, although I  can provide a rough guide. As that was what I did when I first started some years ago, but I realised very quickly, inspecting books is the best way to provide a fair quote.

By inspecting a book, I am be able to see any unseen issues that are hard to discover over the phone.

Generally the quote can be negotiated by discussion, if I know your budget, I can describe to you what could be done within that budget. 

As I want to save old books with restoration, because there are too many beautiful old books that have been thrown out... I love books, and it is part of our history.

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If you would like more details, please simply contact me via phone or email.

In restoration, there are two main areas that I need to consider, aesthetics and functionality. If you prefer a full restoration on your book, it will need both, so you can have a book that is close to its original look and also functional for many generations.

Or if you just want it to be functional, it will cost less, which means it will be functional for many years to come. For this I won't spend lots of time on matching colours to the original one, having said that, the book will still look reasonable and can last.

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As you can see from my website, I have dealt with many people, including professional book collectors, as they have dealt with many book restorers. As you know, they have higher standards than most people on books, because that is their profession to provide quality antique books to people.

Note: To be a professional, I continue to update materials and knowledge on an ongoing journey.

Kindest Regards,

Chi Chi