Professional Bookbinding Kit- Highest quality bookbinding materials

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TRADITIONAL BOOKBINDING is a bookbindery located in Victoria, specializing in book repair. Please discover our website for more professional bookbinding supplies.


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This is a professional bookbinding set for someone who wants to learn proper bookbinding, the materials in this kit are very high quality. For example, the thread count of the bookbinding mull is very high, which you can use substandard mull for your book, but it will not be as strong as this mull, this will be the best bookbinding mull you can find on the market.

Every material and tool is specially made for bookbinding, including the needles are made to suit bookbinding purpose. It also has been used and approved by professional bookbinders. We can ensure this set will become your good teacher.

This kit will teach you what to use in bookbinding. We also include many other materials that we can predict you will need on the journey of bookbinding, the cost of this set is much cheaper than buying them separately.

Please note the box in the image is the actual packing box that we will send to you, we will repack the item with bubble wrap and other materials to protect while shipping.

This bookbinding kit including:


1. 2 x 70mm bookbinding straight needles - Large eye needles, four colour threads in this kit can go through the eye easily.

2. 2 x curved needles - 31 mm diameter. Ideal for thinner thread, as the needle eye is around 0.7mm wide, white linen thread in this pack can go through the eye, you will need to use large eye straight needle for three other colours.

3. 300 x 350 mm high thread count bookbinding mull, enough for 3-5 books. 

4. 3 x Bookbinding boards ( A4 size 210 x 297 mm )

5. Traditional real bone folder or letter opener. 

6. Bookbinding waxed pure white linen thread. ( Weight: 3/18 Approx 1 mm thick ).

7. Bookbinding dyed linen thread, suitable for exposed binding, for example Coptic bookbinding- Red ( Weight: 3/18 Approx 1 mm thick)

8. Bookbinding dyed linen thread, suitable for exposed binding, for example Coptic bookbinding- Black ( Weight: 3/18 Approx 1 mm thick ) 

9. Bookbinding dyed linen thread, suitable for exposed binding, for example Coptic bookbinding- Dark blue ( Weight: 3/18 Approx 1 mm thick )

10. Bookbinding awl.

11. 50g Museum quality wheat starch for making paste - Highly purified.

12. Quality bookbinding real hog hair brush with plastic ferrule - Rust free and metal free. 

13. Bookbinding headbands 15 cm of 10 colours - Black and white, Red and white, Maroon and white, Green and yellow, Blue and white,  Green and white, Yellow and Red, Navy blue and white,  Dark blue and yellow and Chequered yellow and green.

14. Museum archival acid-free glue 125 ml.

15. 13mm wide x 500mm bookbinding linen tape. 

16. 13mm wide x 500mm bookbinding cotton tape. 

We have tried to place we think what materials are important and hard to get for you in this kit. More bookbinding materials on our website, you are welcome to browse if you have a certain requirement for your project.

You are welcome to contact us anytime, we will try to reply as soon as possible.