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Customised museum quality archival acid-free dust jacket

Traditional BookBinding

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Customised museum quality archival acid-free dust jacket
Customised museum quality archival acid-free dust jacket

If you have an important book, the best way to protect from further deterioration is to have a proper cover to protect it. Especially for the old books and the book is used frequently.

An old book usually has a weak hinge- which is the part used the most when you open the book, and usually it is the part will start to fall apart. If you want to keep your book in good condition. The simplest and cheapest way is to cover with a dust jacket.

The cookbook in the photos is a family cookbook from one of our clients, and our client uses this cookbook frequently. The dust jacket can keep the book away from liquids on the kitchen bench, and any possible damage.

The archival acid-free dust jacket does not contain acid, as normal polyester contains acid, it can discolour your book and go brittle with age, and it can also spread onto the book pages.

There are various thicknesses of we have selected a perfect thickness of acid-free polyester, we have tested many of them, and this thickness is the perfect thickness for your book, not too thin and not too thick to use.

Bring or send your books to us, we will customise each dust jacket for your book, as each book has a different size. We also need to make suitable folds for each book, in order to stabilize the book in the dust jacket.

$5.95 per book. / $100 for 20 books. 

Our bindery is in Cheshunt 3678. In order to save the shipping cost for you, we can meet you at the front door of Wangaratta Library, as we go to Wangaratta inspecting books for our clients every week. Or you are welcome to visit our bindery, please contact us to arrange a time.



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