Professional Bookbinder’s Plough.

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For quality fore-edges and head and tail trimming, a plough is preferable to a guillotine. Unless the latter is of a high quality and heavy design, damage or marking of delicate papers is commonly experienced. Very often too, some movement of the work is difficult to prevent.

The bookbinder’s plough overcomes these problems and also allows for head and tail edges to be cut “in boards”. The small knife is easily removed and can be sharpened without difficulty or great expense. Our knives are constructed from small block plane blades, suitably modified. Typically, blades are removed and “touched up” on a strop or polishing wheel after every 5-10 books. Blades can also be sharpened using fine grit emery papers on a glass base.

Our plough is a heavy-duty model, constructed of selected redgum timber. The heavier weight makes for effortless cutting passes and the high density of the timber allows the blade to be recessed directly into the timber, obviating the need for a brass bed. The blade is simply held in place with a small wood screw since the bearing load is taken by the sides of the recess and the screw simply acts to hold the blade in position.

The blade is fractionally advanced (by turning the knob) after each pass and the aim is to cut no more than a few leaves with each pass. The method is surprisingly rapid and the fore edge of a book block of average thickness can be cut in less than two minutes. It is of critical importance that the plough blade is EXACTLY flush with the base of the press. Otherwise the cut will not be exactly flush and ridges may appear on the finished edge. Adjusting the knife for any slight changes is easily achieved by adding or subtracting thin paper shims under the blade.

The plough is approx. 250mm long with main bed thickness of 50mm and the track bed of approx 35mm. The track bed thickness at the base can be varied to suit those customers with an existing lying press equipped with a plough track. In this case, exact dimensions of the track (height and width of track and distance from jaw edge) must be given.

Our bindery is based in Victoria, Australia. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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