Bookbinding bone folder

How to clean your bone folder?


Before cleaning


After cleaning

As a bookbinder, we work with bookbinding glue and all sorts of materials at the same time with bone folder, in order to create a perfect fold.

The glue may adhere to your bone folder in the process, sometimes you are unable to clean every tool while you are working a process, but the dry glue on the bone folder can be a pain for most bookbinders, other pigments or dirt may also adhere on the residue that we have left on the bookbinding bone folder.

We discover an easy solution for it, this way you won't harm your bone folder, and the bone folder can remain clean every time of your use.

Here is the method:

When your bone folder is dirty enough, you can prepare a bowl of hot water, soak it overnight before you go to bed, the heat of the water can basically get rid of most residue on the bone folder.

We are repairing many valuable books in the bindery, we tend to clean them after we finish a day of work, so the the tools can keep clean, it will not dirty our client's books.

Note: Sometimes the cleaning result may vary to the type of materials you are using.

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