About TBB Traditional BookBinding


TBB Traditional BookBinding logoTraditional BookBinding, a bookbinding supplier located in Victoria, Australia, is dedicated to revitalizing the bookbinding industry.

Through years of restoring antiquated books, it has become evident that the bookbinding trade in Australia is facing a decline. The retirement or departure of skilled bookbinders, coupled with limited avenues to connect with potential clients, has contributed to this industry-wide challenge.

Our current objective is to champion Australian bookbinders and reinvigorate the industry. Our primary aim is to assist clients in locating suitable bookbinders for the restoration of their cherished books. At the same time, our goal is to provide quality supplies to the bookbinders at the best pricing.

If you are seeking to restore your books and are in search of a skilled bookbinder, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

By sharing one or two images of your book and outlining your requirements, we will identify the most appropriate bookbinder for your project. The recommended bookbinder will then directly contact you.

It is important to note that the bookbinders we recommend operate independently of TBB Traditional Bookbinding and are solely responsible for your books. Should you choose to engage in a restoration project with them, any subsequent concerns should be directed to the bookbinders rather than us.

Contact: 0421492026

Address: 2094-Edi-cheshunt Road, Cheshunt, VIC 3678

Email: contact@traditionalbookbinding.com.au

 Our supplies are exclusively available online. However, if you prefer to collect your supplies from our bindery, please inform us in advance.

Our bindery is conveniently located near several renowned wineries. You are cordially invited to visit us to pick up your supplies if arranged and savour the scenic beauty and award-winning wines during your weekend.

Below are links to the wineries in the King Valley region surrounding our bindery, allowing you to plan your visit accordingly:

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Pizzini Wines King Valley- Click here

Dal Zotto King Valley- Click here

Sam Miranda King Valley- Click here

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