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Traditional Bookbinding

This is one of the rebinding samples we have done for our client from New South Wales. 

This dictionary has a very special meaning for our client and his wife, our client decided to give his wife a surprise by rebinding this memorable dictionary into a new look with their name on the book spine.

Please note we have permission to share these book images, as we respect clients privacy.


Before Rebinding:

Book rebinding service

After Rebinding

Book rebinding

All the materials you can see on the book were chosen by our client. This book is completed with traditional gold tooling technique, which the spine was gold tooled by professional gold tooler, who used traditional brass tools to hand emboss the design onto the quality goat leather.

This is a skill that has to be learnt over years, as it requires accuracy and also great understanding of the character of the gold and leather to be able to transfer the gold onto the leather, unfortunately gold tooling technique has become a lost trade in this generation, but we truly believe we could not lose the art of traditional bookbinding, and the beauty of the quality books.

The gold tooled book is deeply embossed on the genuine leather by hand, so the gold will not be rubbed off with age. With genuine gold, the design on the spine can stay in its own shape and colour over generations.

The book owner has chosen genuine goat hide, this goat leather is very soft, which it is very comfortable to handle, the more you touch the genuine leather, you will create beautiful patina for your book leather. Just like a pair of good Italian boots.

We use 23 karat genuine gold, we do not recommend fake gold, although it would be more cost effective, but the fake gold will darken badly with age. Most valuable old books are gold tooled with genuine gold, that's why after 100 years later, the gold design on the book spine can still keep its own shining golden colour.

The paper we used on the front cover is traditional hand marbled paper, it is not a print. This hand marbled paper was marbled by professional marbler who is trained over many years, the marbler painted on the water surface with inks, then transferred the paints onto the paper, we also call this "Ebru Art".

If you would like to get your memorable books rebound by us, please feel free to contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

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