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Traditional BookBinding

Free shipping- Bookbinding Cloth- 98 Buckram Swatches in Stock- 14 OPTIONS

Free shipping- Bookbinding Cloth- 98 Buckram Swatches in Stock- 14 OPTIONS

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TRADITIONAL BOOKBINDING is a bookbindery located in Victoria, specializing in book repair. Please discover our website for more professional bookbinding supplies.


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We have updated some of the buckram samples. We added some more colours to each collection. For example, if you wish to purchase Silk finish buckram updated version TBBSS1-TBBSS16. However, you already purchased TBBSS1-TBBSS6 previously, you can contact us to get rest of the colours, you do not have to purchase the entire sample again.


Please note that we try to describe the buckram in words so you will know what you are buying. However, please note that the words "Linen" and " Silk" are only descriptions; they don't mean they are made of that specific material, as real silk is extremely expensive.

The buckram preference number is on the back of the swatch as the second picture shows.

Please kindly note the images are only examples, please kindly choose the style you wish to purchase.

All of our buckram sheets have paper backing, except TBBEL1 without paper backing.

- Classic Premium Fine Buckram: TBBP1-TBBP16 ( Please click HERE for an example )

- Contemporary Premium Fine Buckram: TBBS1-TBBS9 ( Please click HERE for an example )

- Library Buckram: TBBLB1-TBBLB6- With paper backing ( Please click HERE for an example ) 

- Cotton Feel Buckram: TBBC1-TBBC13 ( Please click HERE for an example )

- Linen Look Buckram: TBBL1-TBBL5 ( Please click HERE for an example )

- Linen Texture Buckram: TBBLT1-TBBLT3 ( Please click HERE for an example )

- Metallic Buckram: TBBM1-TBBM14 ( Please click HERE for an example )

- Sparkling Buckram: TBBSP1-TBBSP4 ( Please click HERE for an example )

- Silk Finish Buckram: TBBSS1-TBBSS6 ( Please click HERE for an example )

- TBB000-TBB007 ( Please click HERE for an example )

-Moire Silk Buckram: TBBMS1-TBBMS4 ( Please click HERE for an example )

-Orange Peel Texture Buckram: TBBOPT1-TBBOPT4 ( Please click HERE for an example )

-Crepe Cloth: TBBCC1-TBBCC4  ( Please click HERE for an example )

-Demin Buckram: TBBD1-TBBD2  ( Please click HERE for an example )

Our bindery is based in Victoria, Australia. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

For outside of Australia, please contact us to confirm the shipping cost, we will reply as soon as possible.


 Last update: 15/12/2023




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