Value Pack- Professional Lying Press and Plough with Stand

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TRADITIONAL BOOKBINDING is a bookbindery located in Victoria, specializing in book repair. Please discover our website for more professional bookbinding supplies.


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< Product specification >


Lying press: Approx 511x335x97mm

Plough: Approx 305x255x92mm

Stand: Approx 554x299x352mm



Brand New Retail Price:

Lying press: $850/ Plough: $675 ( Free customized stand- Demonstration piece: $125 )

Total Brand New Retail Price: $1650 ( Including free stand )


- The lying press is in brand new perfect condition

- 20% discount on the thread of the plough due to one small chip on the thread of the plough, please note it is brand new, as this is a handmade piece, so sometimes a small chip is unavoidable while making, however it is totally functional, it does not affect any of the functionality  ( $675 becomes $540 )

-Please note the stand is a free item, the final price does not include the stand. However the stand is a demonstration piece in the bindery. You may see some chips.


The total price after discount:

$850 ( Lying press )+$540 ( Plough )=$1390 ( You saved $135 plus a free customized stand that worth $125 in retail price. You totally saved $260)

The discount price is only available when you purchase a set.

The small lying press with integral plough is hand-made from Queensland White Cypress and European Beech (screws). The plough will cut text blocks of up to 50mm thickness or more and has a cutting clearance of some 25mm (the maximum height of wastepaper offcut). The plough blade is set to protrude about 25mm but can be set at higher values by re-seating the small wooden screw holding it in place. This screw should not be over-tightened. It has no load bearing function and simply holds the blade in place.

The guide pins for the plough are held loosely in the guide block such that there is some lateral movement when cutting. This is a necessary design feature as it prevents the wooden pins from jamming. The slight lateral movement does not affect the operation of the knife since such movement pivots about the centre of the bhlade.

The blade will require periodic sharpening (indicated when pressure needed to move the plough through the paper becomes noticeably higher). The knife should be advanced only minimally with each pass so that no more than a few sheets are cut with each pass. The operation is surprisingly quick and the fore edge of a text block of average thickness can be cut in a couple of minutes.


The lying press with integral track for the plough will accommodate text blocks of over 36cm spine length and at least 100mm thickness (i.e. spine width). A simple wooden cradle is supplied with the press and is designed to operate on a benchtop or tabletop. This cradle will need to be firmly anchored on the table to prevent movement when operating the plough. The press with cradle will accommodate book depths of about 30 cm (spine to fore-edge). If you wish for a fully traditional lying press with bin, a floor-standing frame will be necessary.

The self-opening of the jaws is made possible by the insertion of  wooden pins into the barrels of the screws. These project into a groove on the screw. The pins are visible on the underside of the front jaw.  After prolonged use, it may be necessary to gently reseat the pins by tapping them down LIGHTLY. They are held in place by friction only and should not be glued.The screws have been lubricated with beeswax and further application of this wax from time will help to seal against moisture ingress. Do not apply oil or varnish to the screw body.

When opening the jaws, it is most important that they be kept parallel. Otherwise the screws will jam in their housings.

Please note these presses are handmade, so they will have some natural marks on the surface from the wood. It is not damaged marks.

Our bindery is based in Victoria, Australia. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

For outside of Australia, please contact us to confirm the shipping cost, we will try to reply as soon as possible.