Professional Handmade Bookbinding Finishing Press- Tasmanian oak

Traditional BookBinding

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TRADITIONAL BOOKBINDING is a bookbindery located in Victoria, specializing in book repair. Please discover our website for more professional bookbinding supplies.


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< Product specification >

The entire width of the press is 42.5 cm, the entire length is 28cm.

Please note all the wooden tools are hand made by the tool makers.

This small press is designed for books up to A4 landscape and has a jaw opening of some 100mm or more. Jaws are of stained Australian hardwood (Tasmanian Oak).

The screws are cut from European Beech, the traditional timber for this use. In prolonged moist conditions, Beech is prone to some swelling and thus, the press should be stored in a dry area. The screws have been lubricated with beeswax and further application of this wax from time will help to seal against moisture ingress. Do not apply oil or varnish to the screw body.

The self-opening of the jaws is made possible by the insertion of  wooden pins into the barrels of the screws. These project into a groove on the screw.  The pins are visible on the underside of the front jaw.  After prolonged use, it may be necessary to gently reset the pins by tapping them down LIGHTLY. They are held in place by friction only and should not be glued.

Please note these presses are handmade, so they will have some natural marks on the surface from the wood. It is not damaged marks.

Our bindery is based in Victoria, Australia. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

For outside of Australia, please contact us to confirm the shipping cost, we will try to reply as soon as possible.