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Traditional BookBinding

Quality Bookbinding Awl- Hole puncher-Light weight

Quality Bookbinding Awl- Hole puncher-Light weight

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TRADITIONAL BOOKBINDING is a bookbindery located in Victoria, specializing in book repair. Please discover our website for more professional bookbinding supplies.


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We use this bookbinding awl to punch the holes in paper, the sharp shaft point makes the job easier. The ferrule makes them sturdy. The handle is light and it is comfortable to hold in the hand.

It has been tested by our master bookbinders, when you push hard on the awl, the hardened steel will not bend easily like cheap steel. The wooden handle has a rounded end that does not dig into your hand when pushed. 

The length of the handle is approx 45 mm, the length of the shaft is approx 60 mm

Please note the wooden handle has natural grain, so each one is different.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

For outside of Australia, please contact us to confirm the shipping cost, we will reply in three hours.


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